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What is the cost of sustainable development? Who is paying the costs and who is getting the benefits?

(Hint: get acquainted with MCO reform agenda on sustainability in the course textbook and check sustainable development goals at )

state your opinion on the topic above by strictly complying with the following structure:

1) Collect reliable sources, state your thesis in the introduction.

2) Make an analysis and give arguments support it by citing scientific articles or international organizations’ documents.

3) Check your introduction for consistency with the body of your paper and rewrite it if needed.

4) Make a clear conclusion.

Please cite your sources by using the automatic function in Word (References-Insert citation). You can choose between APA, MLA or Harvard style. Please insert the Bibliography in the end of the document by using the automated function in Word again (References – Bibliography).

Your essay should be not less than 1600 words, and not more than 1800 words.

Use the Word function (Review-Word count) in order to make sure your essay is in this range of words.

Papers that are not compliant with the requirements are not going to be graded!

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