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Week 8 Discussion – Darrel Hicks

Respond by Day 5 to two colleagues with support for their models, or offer an alternative model you believe might be more appropriate. A few sentences and a question. Reply to Darrel as if you are having conversation.


There are a variety of assessments that can be used to evaluate or measure performance, personal feelings, identify needed changes (internal and externally), and more in law enforcement agencies. To properly asses and identify needed changes a needs assessment method would be a tool that could identify information about crime, needed department changes, stress within law enforcement departments, policy issues, and more. According to, Chibnall, S., Harris, R., & Ward, K., (2007) needs assessments renders information that “helps an agency, organization, or coalition determine the nature and extent of specific problems in the community and how a problem is perceived among diverse groups” (Chibnall, S., Harris, R., & Ward, K., 2007, pg. 18). Needs assessments are also valuable tools that can yield reliable data to identify and address specific issues that may exist externally and internally. Chibnall, S., Harris, R., & Ward, K., (2007) indicates that needs assessments utilize information from a variety of sources to render valuable information that helps identify needed changes within and outside of law enforcement agencies. Sources include reviewing local archives, state or national data, data from surrounding communities, data from officers (current and retired), data from surveys, and more.

Additionally, utilizing a variety of surveys during a needs assessment to evaluate or measure performance, personal feelings, identify needed changes (internal and externally), and identify the feelings that the officers or public have towards the direction of the organization, how the organization is structured, and more can be extremely beneficial as well. In law enforcement agencies needs assessments can be used to address and identify issues externally and internally. Needs assessments can also asses personal concerns of members of the department and the community. Because of its many components used to identify and asses, the tool can prove to be beneficial to the community and law enforcement agencies in many ways.

Chibnall, S., Harris, R., & Ward, K. (2007). Measuring Excellence: Planning and Managing Evaluations of Law Enforcement Initiatives. Retrieved From,, on April 17, 2019


Darrel Elese Hicks