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week 8 assignment computer app

For this project, pretend you are an organizer for a charity in your local area. The charity can be a real or pretend charity. You will be creating a Flyer advertising a fundraising event, a spreadsheet showing donations for 3 events given in each of 3 cities and creating a presentation in which you are telling an audience about your charity and the great work it does. Read below for more detail.

Flyer Instructions:

Using Microsoft Word, create a flyer. Have a title centered at the top of the page in an appropriate size font. Below the title, you will have an image related to charity or event that is centered. There will then be a paragraph telling us about the charity event. Below the paragraph, left aligned and each on their own line tell us the What, Where, and When. Bold the words What, Where etc. Below that type the words Point of Contact and center it and below that create a one row by three column table. In the table, have a name, email and phone number of the point of contact. Below the table have the words: For More Information, Visit: then type in a real or imaginary web address. The flyer should be one page.

Some ideas for charity events could be a Bizarre, Fair, Bake Sale, Cake Walk, Carnival, Book Fair, Car Wash, Craft Fair, Pancake breakfast, Dinner….

Spreadsheet Instructions:

Using Microsoft Excel, create a spreadsheet that will have three cities of your choice and three fundraising events for each city in which money was raised. Have the word Donations in bold and merged and centered above the spreadsheet. Also bold the Cities and Events. Best fit columns headings as needed so they are visible. The spreadsheet is to calculate the total donations for each city and event. It will also total all donations and provide percent of total donation for each city. Percent will be formatted with percent symbol and totals with $ symbol with no decimal places. The sum function must be used for the totals and a formula used for percent of total donations for city. Be sure to label columns and rows, so it is clear what is in your spreadsheet and bold all column and row headings. Include your lastname and GIDnumber as a comment in cell A2.

Presentation Instructions:

Using Microsoft PowerPoint, create a 5-8 slide presentation in which you tell us about the charity you are involved with. There must be a title slide with a title and your name as the presenter. There also has to a concluding slide as the last slide in which you include contact information. On other slides include charity mission, benefits or accomplishments and where donations are spent. Also create a table showing donations locally. The presentation should include at least one image and have at least 1 slide with bullets points. The presentation should have one design theme or a background that is the same for all slides. There should be one slide transition that is used throughout the presentation.

For your submission, zip together the three files, the spreadsheet, the flyer, and the presentation, into a file entitled Upload this file into the assignment area.

NOTE: No templates are to be used for this assignment

NOTE: Do not use content provided in the example screenshot

View your assignment rubric:

Grading Criteria Assignments

Maximum Points

Flyer with title centered and appropriate font size


Centered image present on the flyer


Flyer length, content, and details of event match project requirements


Table and web address are present


Spreadsheet with data included in flyer. Appropriate row and column headings in bold font.


Spreadsheet title in bold font, merged, and centered


Best Fit column width as needed to view text and numbers


Sum function used to total city, events, and total donations, displayed with currency formatting


Percent of total for cities calculated using formula, displayed with percent symbols


Presentation created with 5-8 slides


Title and concluding slide with correct content


Include at least one image and one slide must have bullet points related to charity


Design theme/background AND transitions used for ALL SLIDES


Table showing donations for different cities and events


Mechanics, punctuation, sentence structure, appropriate spelling, and citation of sources as needed


Submit a zip file which is properly named