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Walk Dog PHP, writing homework help

very fall local dog rescue organizes a fundraiser for the dogs. Participants register and pay a small fee to walk their dog, and the proceeds go to the rescue animals. Use the techniques you learned in Chapter 6 to create a “Walk Your Dog” registration form that stores participants’ name, their dog name, dog breed, and e-mail address in a text file. The file will be stored in the same directory as your program. Please do not hardcode the path. Include functionality (button) that allows rescue workers to view the file and prevent the same participant’s name from being entered twice.

Your entry in the text file should look like this:

John Smith, Fido, GSD,

Sally Brown, Maggie, chihuahua,

The text file entry should have commas, and the above formatting, that is, all the necessary spaces should be there, new entry on the new line.

Ensure that you comment your code appropriately. Be sure to test your assignment with various input to ensure it operates correctly.

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