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Utilizing a reading strategy among students with intermediate English proficiency

Directions: Please answer each question in 150 words and each response in 100 words. This is due within 30 hours!

Discussion Question 1: If you were utilizing a reading strategy among students with intermediate English proficiency, what specific guidelines would be critical for you to consider when planning the lesson?

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Utilizing a reading strategy among students with intermediate English proficiency
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Response to Christopher:

Building and following a reading study routine every day is important for intermediate level ELLs in developing strong study skills and growing daily in their language abilities. A language practice routine helps to habituative the learning process, and the regularity and repetition of repeated practice helps reinforce understanding, activating the learner’s background knowledge while he/she continues to introduce new information and concepts. Keeping the learning process regular, but also not overcomplicating it with too much information at any given sitting, helps the ELL to form good study habits that are repeatable time and again. A routine of an hour of study time or less can be established that then breaks the overall learning time into smaller study segments, with scheduled time for listening skills, reading comprehension, grammar study, vocabulary expansion, and English-speaking opportunities (Beare, 2019). The key to this approach is to keep it relatively simple and repeatable, not to overload or overwork the learner with too much information at once or too much time spent on any one language learning activity.

Response to Amanda:

Hello Class,

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