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University of Missouri St Louis Bloody Mary Research Analysis Paper

Researched Analysis Paper

For this paper, you will use the research you conducted for your Annotated Bibliography to write a thorough analysis of your chosen legend. While your research will likely guide the direction of your paper, you should think about answering the following questions:

  1. Discuss how your legend began and/or when it was first recorded. Who told it? Who did they tell it to? Where did they tell it? Is it based in any truth?
  2. Discuss how your legend has changed over time. How are the variants different, and what do those variants say about political, social, cultural, and economic changes?
  3. Where is your legend told? Do the variants change based on region? Why might that be?

Your paper should combine research and analysis. In other words, you should be using the research you’ve conducted to analyze the legend. Your thesis should make an argument about the legend’s purpose and role in history, culture, and/or society.


Your final draft should be 5-6 pages (a page constitutes top margin to bottom margin), double-spaced. The font should be 12pt Times New Roman, and the margins should be one inch.

I will attach my annotated bibliography and the articles to this question! Use those five sources. If you find other sources, feel free to use those as well

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