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Unit 4 Love Medicine Novel Native American Paper

Topics for writing about Love Medicine:

  1. Choose a theme from the book (examples below can be used, along with others not listed here) to analyze.
    1. Family
    2. Religion v. Spirituality
    3. Drugs and Alcohol
    4. Love/Sexuality
    5. Effects of War
    6. Abuse (Substance, physical, psychological)
    7. Death/Suicide
    8. Race
  2. Choose a character(s) and analyze their role in the story. How does this character(s) impact the other characters over time? Why is this individual(s) important to the story? Some of the themes listed above may also be discussed.
  3. Identify symbols that are referred to throughout the novel and analyze their role in the story. Connect them with specific characters, themes, etc. when appropriate.

Additional requirements:

  • Four to five pages, not including Works cited list, complete with topic sentences and transitions
  • Include a thesis statement in your first paragraph
  • Use the terms and definitions from “The Elements of Fiction” in your analysis
  • Format your essay according to MLA guidelines
  • Include examples from the text/s to support your ideas
  • Include at least two outside sources from the CCBC library database to support your ideas.
  • Include MLA style in-text citations and a Works Cited page

Tips for a successful paper:

  • Choose a text and a topic that interests you
  • If you are unfamiliar with a word or reference, look it up!
  • Put the steps of the writing process to practice
  • Use spell and grammar check in Microsoft Word and read your work out loud
  • Back up your work (email it to yourself, save it to a flash drive, etc.)
  • Follow the guidelines for a C paper outlined in the syllabus
  • Refer to the MLA Sample Paper on Blackboard for help with formatting