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types of activities public health professionals engage in.

Public Health Event 70 points

Outside of class, you will attend an approved public health event to see public health in

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types of activities public health professionals engage in.
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action and get an idea of the types of activities public health professionals engage in.

All students are required to get their selected event approved by the instructor ahead of

time, provide documentation of attendance, and write a 1-2 page reflection of the event.

In your reflection, address the following:

 Paragraph 1 o Name of agency/program o Address o Telephone/fax numbers/e-mail address/website o Name of director or person “in charge” o Services offered – to be listed o Days and hours the program(s)/event(s) run o Cost o Target population o Geographic area serviced

 Paragraph 2 o Brief description of the event

 Remaining Paragraphs o Major take-away messages (what did you learn about public health, the issue

addressed at the event, etc.). This is not a description of the event again, but a reflection.

o Provide at least two connections to course concepts discussed thus far. Be sure to make clear connections, and use course terminology. Terminology must be bolded in your paper.

 Final Paragraph o Discuss how this event might impact your future as a citizen or a health


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