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the values inventory, history homework help

I noted on your values inventory worksheet where there was missing information. Please go back and review the instructions for this section. With respect to your reflection paper, I’m concerned that maybe the instructions weren’t clear. The purpose of this paper was as follows: 

“2. Reflection Paper a. After completing both parts of the values inventory, students should compare the opinions reported in Part I with their findings for Part II. Consider the similarities and discrepancies between your personal positions on these issues, and those adopted by the social work profession through NASW. b. Write a cogent, concise, and thoughtful reflection paper that discusses: 1. How the two compare (your position and NASW’s position on this set of statements); 2. Your thoughts about why specific discrepancies might exist; 3. What the implications of the “match” between your value and the profession’s values might be. 4. How you assessed your level of knowledge on the various issues in the Inventory, and what conclusions you can draw about your opinions based on your knowledge of the topics. 5. How, in the context of professional practice, you might address any value differences or conflicts you’ve identified.” 

The purpose of this assignment was for you to compare your personal opinions on the policy statements with those of NASW. You were to write about how your values compare with those of NASW, any discrepancies that might exist and why they exist and implications of the match between your values and those of NASW. You paper appears to address some of the roles of social workers in the United States, in general, and several aspects of the Code of Ethics and boundary violations.

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