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The supply chain network as a system of processes

Assignment Instructions
Weeks 3&4 Project 2: Q&A Project
Course Objectives:

CO4: Examine the supply chain network as a system of processes

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The supply chain network as a system of processes
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CO5: Evaluate operations management and explain it’s role in the Supply Chain network
Project 2 Prompt

The MS Word template attached to this week’s assignment includes 10 questions from the content material you have covered in Chapters 3 and 5 (weeks 3 and 4). Research each of these questions in your textbook and online as instructed in each question. Also, give examples as you are prompted in each question. There is no word count for this project. Before submitting this assignment, read it over to yourself to check for grammar, sentence structure, and completeness. A word to the wise, this is a two-week project and in-depth answers are expected. Use your time wisely to show your insights into each question after carefully reviewing the reference materials.

Submit your completed project 2 in this section by Sunday of Week 4. Please carefully review the grading criteria, also attached. If you are needing a refresher on APA7, there are two resources attached you may want to download and review prior to completing this assignment. Use the following naming convention to save and submit your assignment this week: JSmith_Project2.

Project 2 Template_APA7.doc(31 KB) 7th_APA_Guidelines_03_2020.docx(493.78 KB) 7th_APA_PowerPoint_3_2020.ppt(1.53 MB)

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