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the stages of development

This assignment will assist you in identifying how one’s stage of development affects how one views the world. In your readings, you explored the Freudian and Humanistic Theories and Social Cognitive Theory and the stages of development. You will be asked to choose either a paper or a power point. You will use APA format. Directions for each will be below. You will only choose one.

A NOTE ON FIRST PERSON: It is expected written work will be submitted in third person. The use of third person discourages the use of broad and universal statements and assists with the integration of required readings.

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the stages of development
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PLAGIARISM: All learners are responsible for reading and understanding Remington College’s well-defined policies on academic honesty and plagiarism. In brief, plagiarism occurs when one copies the written material of another learner or website, journal article, or textbook and gives the impression it is the work of the writer themselves. In addition, please be aware that plagiarism is not limited to using direct quotations without the appropriate citation. You are also committing plagiarism when you paraphrase another’s work without giving them the appropriate credit in a citation.

To eliminate the possibility of intentional or unintentional academic dishonesty, please be mindful that there are different rules with respect to citations depending on the length of a direct quotation, whether or not you are paraphrasing, and whether or not it is a print or electronic source. You must understand these distinctions and use the appropriate method of citation for each of these variations. For more information, please see the APA publication manual, sixth edition.

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