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The Regency Project Case Study

Need help in writing a case study 14.2 at the end of Project management achieving competitive advantages 4th edition by Jeffery K Pinto chapter 14 . The case study needs to be completed and at the end of case study consist of 3 questions and all the 3 questions shall be answered. The case study shall be in APA format and references needs to be provided. The case study is displayed in page number 499 and 500 of the test book with name The Project That Wouldn’t Die”.

Questions at the end of case study:

1) What termination method does it appear the company is using with the Regency Project?

2) What are the problems with motivation when project team members perceive that a project is earmarked for termination?

3) Why would you suspect Harry Shapiro has a role in keeping the project alive?

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