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The reason for the reclassification

Discussion 3

Its important to see that these phylogenies are theories and subject to continual revision. After reviewing the concepts of phylogenetics, taxonomy and cladistics, search Google Scholar using the term taxonomic revision, renaming or reclassification and find an article where the authors talk about their work to modify or change the taxonomic grouping of a taxa. Be sure to identify the group being revised and the lead author of the study in the title of your post (eg Bond, Caribbean Flycatchers) and be sure to not select an article that has already been described. Read the abstract of the study and summarize in your own words:

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The reason for the reclassification
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1. The reason for the reclassification (what new evidence emerged, new observations made, new tools used, etc).

2. Where the group was originally classified taxonomically (eg in which kingdom, phylum, class etc)

3. Where the group was moved to taxonomically.

4. The old name of the group/taxa and the revised, or new name.

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