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The purpose to critically analyze information form academic sources

Country Comparison Paper

Description of the Signature Assignment

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The purpose to critically analyze information form academic sources
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The purpose of the assignment to critically analyze information form academic sources; to practice reading profession writing; to recognize valid research and understand the results; to use good writing techniques to support a ideas; to use multiple perspectives to look at a single issue of analyze the health of various countries and methods to improve health of their people; and to practice reflection and self-assessment on how research on a topic influences personal opinion.

Directions for Students

Follow the instructions below and develop a paper that analyzes the health of various countries and methods to improve the health of their people from multidisciplinary perspectives.

a. Each student will compare four countries. Each student will search The World Bank or similar website (e.g., International Monetary Fund or IMF) and select one low-income country (e.g., Afghanistan, Zimbabwe), one lower-middle income country (e.g., India, El Salvador), one middle income country (e.g., Mexico, Romania), and one high-income country, whether or not a member of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) (e.g., Canada, Japan). You may obtain this information at:

b. Each student will then search in the websites for the World Bank, the World Health Organization, the CIA or the websites of similar reputable organizations and identify at least five of the following indicators for each country: life expectancy or healthy life-expectancy; literacy rate; total fertility rate; infant mortality rate or under-five child mortality rate; immunization rates; adult mortality rate; rate of skilled attendants at births; and maternal mortality rate. Create a table with the indicators as the rows, and the countries as the columns (or vice versa).

c. Using the data sources above and academic literature, research the economic, cultural, historical, geographic, sociologic, etc., factors that affect the health of each country.

d. Based on the differences found and any other information researched, analyze the disparities and explore possible reasons for these variations. Discuss what the global response, if any, should be to address these disparities and why. The response should be broader than providing better health care. Many sectors and disciplines may be involved. Contributions from at least three disciplines must be included.

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