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The principles of rhetorical analysis

Using the principles of rhetorical analysis (Chapter 6), structuring assignments effectively (Chapter 7), and a minimum of two outside sources (in addition to the film itself), analyze the film you watched last week based on the following questions:

How does the film make an argument?
How has the film maker gone beyond just entertainment?
What angle or agenda do you see in this historical film?
What’s your take on the time period or event being portrayed in this film?
In writing this 2 page paper, please:

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The principles of rhetorical analysis
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Use the APA template found in the APA Resources – 7th Edition module of this course.
Use four section headers in your paper to organize your analysis. They should include:
An Introduction that catches your readers’ attention and makes them want to read more. This section should include a very brief overview of the movie’s plot (with or without spoilers!). Be sure to name the movie and other important identifying details (such as the year it was published, the starring actors, and the director). Target your analysis as if you are writing toward an audience who has not seen the movie before. They need key details to contextualize the movie and understand, generally, what it’s about – they do NOT need a point by point breakdown of the action.
A Discussion section that answers the questions above about the film. See yourself as a movie critic here. Your job is NOT to tell us the plot of the film but rather to analyze how it takes on the historical event and makes an argument A Conclusion that wraps up or summarizes the content of the paper. You may choose to include a recommendation for your readers. For example: “Fans of war movies will enjoy 1917 because of its deep dive into the lives of two British soldiers during the course of 24 hours of their lives; however, those leery of graphic violence may wish to pass.”

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