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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration

In 2001, Congress overturned the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)’s extensive ergonomics rules that required virtually all employers to create programs to protect employees against repetitive stress disorders. In your opinion, was this the right or wrong thing to do? Explain your answer/reasoning.


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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration
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Yes this bill was shoved out the door with very little thought or the thought to wipe out the little guys so the bigger guys could have more of the pie. I believe these rules could of been put together a bit better with out over reaching and a better plan of action. There is a need for some form of regulations on the issues and I do believe it opened a lot of eyes on the subject. Companies hire and fire around the system or make a light duty worker really not like their job trying to force them to leave without facing repercussions. This happens every day not with every company but some just see employees as tools to fill their pockets having no care for employee well being. Every employee is diposable to most companies and they would just replace employees injured with new ones just like a broken device gets repalced if they could.

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