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The library tutoring lesson summary

Prior to beginning work on this assignment,

Read Module 2 of your course textbook.
Complete the Creating References Skill Check Activity (Links to an external site.) from Week 1 on formatting references.
Watch Keywords are Critical (Links to an external site.) and Ebook Central Overview and Searching (Links to an external site.).
Review the How to Read a Scholarly Article (Links to an external site.) tutorial.
Download and review the Library Sources Annotated Bibliography downloadtemplate that you will complete and turn in for this assignment.

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The library tutoring lesson summary
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To prepare for this week’s assignment, consider the feedback your instructor gave you on your Week 1 research question and make necessary revisions. To learn how to view the comments on your papers watch the Waypoint: Accessing Assignment Feedback (Links to an external site.) video.

This week, you will continue working on your annotated bibliography. If needed review the Week 3 Annotated Bibliography Example downloadhandout:

Develop search terms based on your research question.
Find two scholarly journal articles and one e-book with the help of University of Arizona Global Campus Library Tutoring.
Construct APA Style references for these sources.
Write annotations for these sources.
Copy and paste the library tutoring lesson summary to the end of the document.

Develop Search Terms

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