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The immune system card game

The immune system card game

The universal target of biological education is bioliteracy. However, there are several degrees of bioliteracy, each of which represents a particular degree of material mastery. While students who are nominally literate may be literate, severe misunderstandings may occur. Functionally literate students may have memorized the terminology and procedure, but they are unable to describe it in their terms. Literate students, on the other hand, have a quantitative understanding of biological processes, and how these processes are carried out (Work et al., 2015). Many students are interested in topics like the immune system, but since they are complex—many cells with different roles are stimulated at different times during the immune response process—structural comprehension and self-efficacy make it difficult for many students. This is a summary of a game that simulates the human immune response to bacteria and viruses in a simplified manner. Since the immune system is rarely discussed in introductory biology classes, this is a game that students can play in or out of class. During the first and second exposures, the game simulates a simplified immune response to viral and bacterial infections. Students should be familiar with the concepts of innate and adaptive immune responses before playing the game, but the game will show them the basic composition and function of each immune response, focusing on only the main cells. In addition to highlighting the resemblance of the immune response to viruses and bacteria in the simulation. The game can also be used as a method for conducting pre-examination tests on the lecture materials. Students can play the game alone or in groups of two or three, and they should be able to complete all four simulations in under an hour. Some students may destroy pathogens before their immune systems are fully functioning, while others may find that their immune systems are quickly overloaded (dead or requiring medical attention), requiring them to restart the game or get these results. It can be used to demonstrate how the immune system reacts to pathogens at various levels, with most students eliciting a powerful and natural immune response that ultimately overwhelms the pathogen.

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The immune system card game
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