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The historical, economic and social context of business

This is a graded discussion forum set up for discussing the historical, economic and social context of business. Note that the very idea of business, especially the notion of a for-profit business that is operated to benefit its stakeholders, is a rather recent phenomenon in human history.

Your discussion contribution grade for this forum will not be final until after June 3th, or after this discussion board has closed. You may receive up to 25 points for your participation in this particular discussion board.

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The historical, economic and social context of business
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To receive all of the 25 points for participation in this discussion forum I expect you to do the following:

1. Make sure that you post your first contribution in this forum well before June 7th (the closing date for this discussion forum).
2. Make a minimum of at least two significant original contributions with arguments and examples (generally at least a full page) plus you must also interact with other posters. Note that for a post to count as a significant contribution, it must elaborate on a new point related to the discussion at hand, or else present a new perspective or argument and be supported by logic and/or specific examples. A significant post can either be made as the start of a new thread or else in response to a thread started by someone else.
3. You should also engage in continuing additional interactions with other posters over time (in other words, you should not be posting all your contributions in this forum at the same time). Moreover, you should respond to any posts that are made by others that challenge original posts that you made. Note that this means that you must make your posts early enough that you can interact with others before this discussion board closes. Posts that are made right before the discussion closes will probably neither be read, nor responded to, by other posters and hence posts that are made at the last minute do not represent the same contribution to the discussion as earlier posts.
4. Remain civil and respectful of other posters in the forums. We welcome disagreements and contrary opinions that we can debate and respond to. After all, that is what makes for a good discussion, but we also want to make sure that, even as we disagree about the issues, we will still remain cordial in responding to each other.

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