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The genetic makeup or set of alleles of an organism

Genetics Review

This assignment will make up for the two genetic labs that we would of done if we were meeting face to face. I will have you do various things to help you grasp the material. We would of done A LOT of Punnett squares in lab. If you are having trouble please contact me.

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The genetic makeup or set of alleles of an organism
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1. Match the correct definition to the term in the table below. Type the letter in the table.

A. Alternative form of a gene, located at a specific point on chromosome. (DNA coding that will determine distinct traits)

B. Having two identical alleles for a given gene

C. A unit of hereditary information with a specific sequence in DNA.

D. Having two different alleles for a given gene.

E. Breeding an organism of an unknown genotype with an organism with a homozygous recessive genotype. The offspring phenotype will determine the unknown genotype.

F. The genetic makeup or set of alleles of an organism

G. Allele’s phenotypic effect is not observed in a heterozygote

H. Allele’s phenotypic effect is fully expressed in a heterozygote

I. A cross done to determine if a gene is located on an autosome or sex-chromosome.

J. The physical traits of an organism determined by genetic makeup.

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