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The future with artificial intelligence

  1. Focus on a single, interesting, thoughtful research question
  2. Present sources that help us to understand and begin to answer that question by properly integrating them (blending the quotes with your own words, ensuring quotes function as grammatical portions of sentences, paraphrasing, etc.)
  3. Cite all sources consulted in proper MLA (or APA if you choose, but be consistent) style
  4. Paraphrase, summarize, and quote from these sources consistently
  5. Contain at least a twelve-source bibliography (At least wo paper book from library, and no more than three website resources, annotations not necessary)
  6. Achieve a depth of analysis through your presentation and discussion of the cited material
  7. Arrive at a thoughtful conclusion that helps us understand where we are in answering the research question, and where we might need to go to further understand it moving forward
  8. With this number of sources, presenting all of them and providing analysis should put you in the 10-12 page range. It is possible, of course, to complete the assignment and not be in this range, but this is a good guideline for the kind of depth you should be achieving.
  9. Keep the formatting to the Microsoft defaults when possible, otherwise keep it reasonable (no silly, giant fonts, etc.)
  10. Be clean of grammatical error, spelling errors, etc. (We all make mistakes, but after revising, they should be few and far between)

11.… Using the link to search for bibilograhy

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