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the ecers assessment

The purpose of this assignment is for you to become familiar with Environment Rating Scales Institute (ECERS) assessments and for you to gain experience by conducting an ECERS assessment with the center director. You will first be asked to do some research and collect ECERS materials. Then, you will use the ECERS materials to complete an ECERS assessment. After you finish conducting the assessment, you will debrief and report on the process. As with all of our assignments in this class, please consider using your work here in your own professional career portfolio.

Preparing to Conduct an ECERS Assessment

Please familiarize yourself with the ECERS by researching the Internet. Equip yourself with information and materials that will allow you to successfully conduct an ECERS assessment. The following hyperlinks will provide helpful resources for you:

Ask the center director if s/he is familiar with the ECERS and if s/he has ever conducted an ECERS assessment. If the director has conducted an ECERS assessment in the past, the program is likely to have the ECERS-R handbook and all the necessary forms to complete the assessment. If the director does not have access to the ECERS-R handbook and forms, you may need to obtain these materials. You may use the options below to do so.

The handbook is available for purchase at the following Website: Teachers College Press

If these links do not work for you, contact your course instructor for suggestions and solutions.

You will need one form for each of the following subscales:

  • Space and Furnishings
  • Personal Care Routines
  • Language-Reasoning
  • Activities
  • Interactions
  • Program Structure
  • Parents and Staff

You will also need all of the supplementary materials including:

  • Expanded Score Sheet -12 pages
  • Interrater Reliability Sheet – 2 pages
  • Interrater Reliability Sheet for Training – 2 pages
  • Playground Guidelines – 2 pages
  • USDA Meal Guidelines – 1 page
  • Profile – 1 page
  • Substantial Portion of the Day Chart – 1 page

Once you understand the process and have collected all of the necessary forms and materials, you will be ready to begin conducting the ECERS assessment with the director.

Conducting an ECERS Assessment

Consult with the program director and schedule a convenient time for you and the director to conduct an ECERS assessment together. Then, complete the ECERS assessment and fill out all of the necessary forms. Meet with the director after the ECERS assessment is complete to debrief on the process. Take notes during your meeting. This will help you to report on your experience with the ECERS assessment process.

Reporting on ECERS Assessment Process

Use your completed ECERS forms and notes from your debriefing meeting with the director to write a 250-500 word report. Answer the following questions when writing this report:

  • What went well during the ECERS assessment?
  • What did not go well during the ECERS assessment?
  • What is your overall opinion of the validity of the ECERS?
  • What skill areas do you feel you improved upon or mastered further while conducting the ECERS assessment?
  • What skill areas do you feel you need to improve upon?
  • What did you learn overall from this experience?

To successfully complete the ECERS assignment:

  • Become familiar with the ECERS assessment process.
  • Obtain necessary forms to conduct an ECERS assessment.
  • Conduct the ECERS assessment with the center director.
  • Write a 250-500 word report of the process.
  • Submit the ECERS assessment forms with notes from your debriefing meeting and your 250-500 word report to your instructor. Please submit all required files in one folder.
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