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The Children’s Street  Education Program Subcommittees

due in 16 hours

Guided Response: Challenge your peers on how they would have approached the case from a different planning perspective. Ask probing questions.

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The Children’s Street  Education Program Subcommittees
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Prescriptive Approaches

Prescriptive approaches are based on various identifiable dimensions, all of which relate to one another in ways that result in problem resolutions.

I believe that the political influence got in the way of problem-solving that is technically and professionally grounded.


The Mayor (The Mayors Wife)

The Street Educators                                                     The Poor Community

The Children’s Street  Education Program Subcommittees

The mayor’s wife’s objective was to prove to the community that her husband, the mayor, was improving their community by serving “The Children’s Street Education Program.”  The mayor’s wife knew that with her involvement in showing interest in the community, he would win the votes of the poor.  The mayor’s wife knew that votes from the poor community would gain enough votes for reelection.  The way political influences got in problem-solving was technically and professionally grounded, not thinking so much about the children’s street educators programs, but to gain votes from, subcommittees that showed interest within poor communities.  The mayor’s wife wanted to improve votes with little concern for The success of the Street Educators helping the children of the community.

From a planning perspective, I would have approached this case with a more persistent traditional plan, rational planning, and reverse-order of planning that would allow me to establish goals to arrive at my selected goals.  I would not allow any political involvement or influence from the votes of the poor community to influence any decisions made but focus on what is in the best interest of the stakeholders(the community itself).

I would also use Logic Models to demonstrate any theories of action behind the program and why the program should identify the problem.

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