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The characteristics of your collage.

Unit V Project: Collage Worksheet

1. Insert image of collage created by you. The collage may be created by hand (cut out pictures and glue together in one image) or digitally, using PowerPoint or another application which you are comfortable using. For inspiration for your collage, please read the unit lesson and look at the reading in your textbook. Please incorporate at least five different visual items, whether it be photographs, text, or your own drawing or work into one collage. Take a photograph or save the digital work as a JPEG, and upload it in the space below.

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The characteristics of your collage.
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Answer the following questions about your collage. Please write in complete sentences.

2. Describe the characteristics of your collage.

3. Where did you source your materials for your collage?

4. What was the inspiration for your collage?

5. What is the meaning behind your collage?

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