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The Baroque Period, writing homework help

The Baroque Period

Chapters 8-11,  pages 79-149; Bedford/St. Martin’s, Listen!: handbook; 8th Edition

Goals for Review at end of each chapter

Listening Examples: Tracks 15-27 on Disc 1 and Tracks 1-13 on Disc 2;6-CD set or; 8th Edition

Opera is often considered the pinnacle of Western music. Why have generations of music lovers been intrigued by this genre? What aspects of opera, seen and heard in the operas by Purcell and Monteverdi discussed in the book and heard on the CD, might account for this? What style features of early Baroque music can be found in the operas of Monteverdi and Purcell?

The rise of purely instrumental music during the late Baroque period illustrates that the structural elements of Baroque music became developed enough so that they alone could create a viable musical statement without the need for text or voices. What does instrumental music use in place of text to create a sense of meaning? Include the reading and listening examples in your response.  Listen to all the examples of Baroque instrumental music, especially the music of Bach and Vivaldi before writing your response. Follow any listening charts to help you formulate your response as well