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The Antarctic meltdown prove that global warming is happening



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The Antarctic meltdown prove that global warming is happening
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You should persuade your audience to agree or disagree with the following topics.

Small classes in the public schools increase student performance.

Genetic testing is not always accurate in predicting whether people will contract particular diseases.

The United States is headed for a major recession.

President Roosevelt knew, in advance, about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and allowed it to happen.

The Government is not doing enough to protect the consumer from faulty goods (or services).

There is too much concern in the courts for the rights of criminals.

Affirmative Action is actually harmful to those it seeks to help.

Political correctness is a form of censorship.

American society is losing its civility.

Do union members benefit from strikes?

Is the government responsible for controlling pollution?

The government not doing enough to control pollution.

Are HMO’s lowering the standards for medical care?

Nursing homes need more government oversight.

Does the Antarctic meltdown prove that global warming is happening?

Is global warming actually taking place?

The death penalty is not a deterrent to violent crime.

The application of the death penalty is racially imbalanced.

Is media violence harming America’s youth?

Property taxes in Louisiana are not an equitable means of providing tax revenues.

Distance learning courses are less effective than traditional “on-site” courses.

Living together before marriage is not an effective way to determine if the marriage will work.

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