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Teacher accountability and the standards-based curriculum

A Request from the PR Director

As if your own job in the central office is not burdensome enough, the Director of Public Relations has a new task for you. She plans to prepare a lengthy article for the local newspapers in which she will defend certain approaches being used in the district. Because you are familiar with all of them, she wants your input. You know that teachers are using best practices and achieving measurable results with several strategies and programs. Generate a document that provides a rationale for each of the components below and provide examples of how teachers are utilizing (or could be) them:

  • critical thinking components in all lesson plans and units
  • classroom environments that foster creativity
  • a character education approach that is directly linked to the culture of the classroom and the school
  • teacher accountability and the standards-based curriculum
  • teaching skillfully (See Chapter 18) and thinking skillfully (See Chapter 20)

Use the following headings for the five sections of this work:

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Teacher accountability and the standards-based curriculum
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  • Critical Thinking
  • Creative Classroom Environments
  • Character Education
  • Teacher Accountability
  • Thinking-based Teaching and Learning
  • Please note that this paper should be 5-7 pages in length and not exceed 2500 words (excluding  cover sheet, references and rubric.)  Each heading should be centered and bold face.

Your paper should exhibit content from the following:

1.  The reading in the text (emphasizing but not limited to Part One).

2.  Accurately cite and reference at minimum, four peer-reviewed sources.

3.  It should exemplify skillful writing, clarity, and strict adherence to APA guidelines.

4.  Be sure that you provide a clear rationale for each of the five bulleted items.

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