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Tax Revenue Presentation

Original work Please!

I would either go towards better transportation or marketing one of the less known attractions or something to do with the arts. Any of those would be a great draw. Since I live near Downtown Los Angeles, Anahiem, Buena Park, and Long Beach/San Pedro areas, it is a bit difficult to find something that isnt already working for the city. I know transportation may be a better subject, but also possibly something towards , lets say all the museums in and around Los Angeles? possibly using taxes to market that better?


You are a hospitality executive in your city. An elected official has asked you for your opinion on what to do with local tax revenue. One option is to invest the money back into the hospitality industry for venues such as a convention center and sports arena, or to use the revenue for marketing.

Create a 7- to 10-slide presentation with speaker notes, persuading local politicians to spend the tax revenue on the local hospitality industry.

Highlight the benefits of hospitality and the different areas that could benefit.

Include items such as:

  • Method of transportation that travelers use to visit the city and state
  • Type of travelers that would want to visit the city and state
  • Motive for travel to the city and state

Format all sources according to APA guidelines.

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