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Supervision Challenges

Read the “What Do You See in the Mirror?” case study found in Chapter 9 of your course text and given below:

Mary Catherine is gifted one-on-one with children.  She has shown patience, understanding, and encouragement with Solomon, a three-year-old with developmental delays.  Mary Catherine painstakingly built trusting relationships with Solomon’s divorced parents.  Her gentle persistence and clear documentation were instrumental in the parents’ agreement for Solomon to be evaluated by early intervention specialists.

Prior to being in Mary Catherine’s room, Solomon’s parents blamed the center for Solomon’s difficulties.  Mary Catherine turned all of that around.  However, her classroom management skills are lacking.  Her classroom grows out of control while she focuses on one child at a time (Bruno, 2009, pg 142).Reflecting on this case study, discuss the supervision challenges as well as the approaches you might take if you were Mary Catherine’s supervisor. In your response, include an analysis of the perspective of at least one other group that may be directly and/or indirectly involved with the situation (parents, children, other teachers).  Should their perspectives factor into your decisions and approaches?  Explain your thinking.  As your part of your response, please reference the NACCP Code of Ethics (Table 15.3) and/or the NAEYC Core Values (Table 15.4) of your text.

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