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steps of the critical thinking process:

This assignment builds upon the following assignments you submitted previously:

Module 4 Dropbox: Identification, Research, Analysis
Module 5 Dropbox: Application – Act Utilitarianism
Module 6 Dropbox: Application – Kantian Ethics

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steps of the critical thinking process:
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Be sure to review the feedback you received from those assignments, and make any necessary revisions BEFORE moving forward with this assignment.

Focusing on the same case as before, you will now complete the last three steps of the critical thinking process: 5) Decision, 6) Evaluation, and 7) Reflection.

Review the case in the Ethics textbook Chapter 24: Case 6, Life on the Streets.

Follow the Sample Format: Decision, Evaluation, Reflection, and submit to this Dropbox using MLA formatting.

Complete this assignment, as follows:

Decision (150 words minimum)

Consider the main ethical/moral issue you previously identified in Module 4. Answer the “should” question by stating the option you determined to be the wisest and most ethical.

For example, The most ethical decision is for _____ to…

Be impartial. Avoid any bias; do not express your own personal opinion; do not use the words, “I think” or “I feel.” The decision should be based upon your completion of the previous steps of the critical thinking process: 1) Identification, 2) Research, 3) Analysis and 4) Application of Act Utilitarianism and Kantian Ethics.

Clearly justify and support your decision. For example, This decision is morally justified because… Discuss how the results of determining Net Utility and applying Universality and Respect-for-Persons informed your decision. A justification is necessary – there is no better option. What would justify your decision to all of the stakeholders?

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