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steps for preparing a Gram stain, including preparing the smear.

id-Term review group activity (1).docx

Mid-Term Lab Practical Review – Group Activity

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steps for preparing a Gram stain, including preparing the smear.
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1. Match each reagent/tool with its associated technique:

a. Antibiotic filter disc

b. Depression slide

c. Nigrosin

d. Iodine

e. Inoculating loop & agar plate

f. Autoclave

g. Malachite green

h. Immersion oil

i. Bibulous paper

j. Hot water bath

_____ Sterilization

_____ Gram stains

_____ Motility testing

_____ Microscopy with the 100X objective

_____ Kirby-Bauer Test

_____ Isolation streaking

_____ Determination of thermal death time

_____ Negative staining

_____ Endospore staining

_____ Drying your prepared slide

2. Outline the steps for preparing a Gram stain, including preparing the smear.

3. You would expect a Mycobacterium species to be: (Gram +/Acid fast). (pick one)

4. Is Brownian motion the same as true motility? Explain.

Biochemical tests individual (1).docx

BIO2073: Microbiology Lab

Individual Assignment

Biochemical Tests: Phenol Red Fermentation Broth and Catalase Test

1. For the Phenol Red Fermentation Broth, what two key ingredients allow us to test for fermentation? Explain the purpose of each.

2. How can a color change of the broth from red to yellow tell us that fermentation has occurred?

3. What is a Durham tube? Why might we include it in our PR test broth?

4. Write out the equation for the reaction that is occurring during the catalase test.

5. In the catalase test, what is causing the formation of bubbles that we interpret as a positive reaction? (In other words, what is being released during the reaction?)

Bonus! If you tested an organism using the Phenol Red glucose test, and it was positive, could you accurately predict that your organism would also test positive using sucrose? Why or why not?

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