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Society Perspective

Society Perspective

This assignment should lead to the term paper after the student has read the article carefully and entirely. Use the following questions to guide your critique.

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Society Perspective
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Term Paper

Does the title clearly indicate what the research is about? Can you relate it to DM through the title? Explain.
Summarize the study in one paragraph (about 200-250 words)
Research on the first three authors’ professional and academic qualifications and state if they have previously published on this topic. If not try to explain how they would fit on this topic.
Are the research questions/problems researchable? Is the problem presented important enough to justify this study?
Is the literature review focused on the issue? Does it reveal any gaps the authors wanted to fill?
Is the aim of the study clear and shows what the study wants to achieve?
Is there any framework or theory of DM used or applied in any way?
Do you find the information/data used relevant to the aim/question of the study?
Are the study results relevant to your group perspective? State your group in your response.
Do you agree with the conclusions made by the authors?
Did the authors put emphasis on the most important results of the study?
What would you have changed in this study, why?
In the conclusion, were there any new perspectives on the topic presented?


Prepare between 7 and 10 of double-spaced, typed pages in Word using 12-point NTR font.
The paper carries 30% of the total grade.
APA style should be used throughout.

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