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social media is affecting dating negatively

For this essay, your objective will be to use the resources you have found to write a well-informed, carefully considered persuasive essay which discusses an on-going conversation about a topic that is of interest to you. Dating affected by social media. Dating has been heavily affected by social media from what it was to now. Social Media allows people to have access to any information that is happening around the world with a click of a button. Also, it allows people to share with each other from thousands of miles away. With this easy access to all information, it has provided pros and cons for humans concerning dating. Back then we were limited largely to the people that we knew in-person. The internet and social media has drastically changed dating all over the world. Old-fashioned dating habits are totally different than what peoples dating habits are today. Dating sure has changed over the years. Argument is that the social media is affecting dating negatively. Keeping in mind ethos, pathos and logos. also the counter-argument.