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Social Media Influence Over Cyber Attack Methodology And Implementaion

This is an established work which require to complete the missing sections of methodology and Material, as well as the implementation.

Highlight of what needs to be discussed in methodology and material:

  • access to twitter archive
  • identify cyber attack related to social media trend.
  • 3 weeks of tweets data (1 week prior to attack, 1 week during the attack, week after the attack).
  • python code to retrieve data
  • Aylien text extension to analyze the sentiment.

Highlights of information to be mentioned in the implement:

  • Visual studio code 1.32.3
  • Python 3.7.2
  • Tweepy Library
  • Python code (attached in file required method and implementation)

The abstract will need to be reviewed to match with the results.

the conclusion will require further insight, mention the occurrence of negative sentiment but no attack in the result.

Figures will need to be listed in the table accordingly.

Will need a solid presentation to convince the audience with the results.

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