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Social and Emotional Learning across Cultures


To prepare for this discussion, be sure to view the video segments identified on the “Preschool in Three Cultures” lecture page in this module. After you have viewed the segments, answer the discussion question below.

In what ways were the children’s social and emotional development being supported (through play and/or the environment) in each of the three cultures? Share one example from each culture.

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Social and Emotional Learning across Cultures
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Please remember, respectful language is required.


Preschool in Three Cultures Revisited

To prepare for this week’s discussion topic, review the following video segments from the video titled “The Preschool in Three Cultures Revisited.” In these segments, you will have the opportunity to tour three separate early learning programs in three different cultures. You will notice many differences between the programs, but the importance of social and emotional development and the use of the environment remain common threads.

Video Segment to Review

China: 4:10 – 20:00

Japan: 22:25 – 38:12

United States: 40:40 – 58:48

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