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Social and emotional development

Analytic Paper Outline Worksheet

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Social and emotional development
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Instructions: Fill in the following outline worksheet for your paper. This is meant to help you start thinking about the product and the peer-reviewed articles you plan to cite in your paper.


· Briefly introduce the product you are evaluating, and make sure that you identify the three aspects of development that you will be focusing on in your analysis. Also, introduce the focus of your paper, what you will be arguing in this paper, and how you will provide evidence to support your argument.

State the three aspects of development that you will discuss in this paper:

Aspect of Development 1:

Physical development

Aspect of Development 2:

Cognitive development

Aspect of Development 3:

Social and emotional development

Write your thesis statement here (1-2 sentences):

Child development is a dynamic process that encompasses growth, regression and transitions in different aspects. It is vital to support a child’s growth and the developmental process by understanding and positively impacting each domain using all necessary materials that supplement the process, such as using the mystery box idea.


· In more detail, describe the product you are analyzing. What is the product? What does it do? How does it get used? Who is the target audience for the product? What’s the recommended age/age range? Who is supposed to use it? Which domains of development does the product website say that the product impacts?

Write your topic sentence (first sentence) for this paragraph here (1 sentence):

The mystery box is a crucial product in children’s developmental process that helps with reasoning.

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