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Screencast Presentation and Flyer

Project Overview

This project requires you to complete two components. First, you will create a video

presentation (screencast) of your proposal. To accompany this presentation, the second

component requires that you create a flyer complementary to the presentation.


The presentation is intended for an audience of interested stakeholders—probably

many of the same reader-users to whom you address your proposal. You should,

therefore, consider these users’ needs, values, and attitudes, just as you did in the

proposal. The final presentation deliverable will be in the format of a screencast that

combines visual and audio.

Perhaps the best way to complete the screencast is to open a presentation application

such as PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Presentation and create your slides. Then,

using a screencast program (see below), record your delivery of the presentation

(Please note: do not record your presentation using the PowerPoint record feature.

PowerPoint—.ppt or .pptx—are not acceptable file formats for this assignment. Also, do

not use your cell phone or other external recording device to record your presentation; it

must be in the format of a screencast). When complete, upload your screencast to

YouTube or similar free video hosting service and submit the link through the

Assignment Tool on our course Canvas site.

More specifically, please follow the criteria below when creating your presentation:

1. Follow the format of your proposal: a) introduce the issue/topic/opportunity, b)

frame the current situation, c) discuss your project plan, d) and offer a brief

conclusion, pointing toward the future.

2. Incorporate at least 2 images such as pictures, graphs, charts, tables, etc. but no

clip art. Note: do not include any images to which you do not have copyright


3. Each slide should contain fewer than 20 words (hint: list keywords or phrases

and expand through speaking.)

4. Slides should demonstrate the principles of design (C.R.A.P.)

5. Presentation must include your voiceover delivering the presentation. If using a

program that supports picture-in-picture, it’s up to you if you’d like to include your


6. The presentation must be between 4-5 minutes in length. Note: Excess of 5

minutes will result in point deduction.

7. Must include a works-cited slide for any works referenced during the


The final deliverable of this presentation must be in a screencast format—that combines

visual and audio elements. In other words, the final deliverable is not solely a set of

PowerPoint slides with text and images.

Perhaps the most accessible and free screencasting applications available are

Techsmith Jing ( and Apple QuickTime (Mac users

already have this installed). Techsmith Camtasia, though not free, does offer a free trial.

And there are other free screencasting applications available, though I am less familiar

with them.

Find free options, freeware, or free trials, such as the ones I list above.

Once you’ve completed your screencast you can submit it in one of two ways. First, the

preferred method is that you upload your screencast to YouTube or similar free video

hosting service (such as, for those who use Jing) and submit the link

through Canvas. The second method is to upload your screencast file to Canvas. The

following are acceptable file formats: .mov, .m4v, .mp4, .wmv. Please note, however,

that this may be the more cumbersome alternative because large file sizes are not

always supported in Canvas. Considering large file sizes, using the record presentation

feature within PowerPoint creates file sizes too large for Canvas. Because of this, do

not record your screencast within PowerPoint—as mentioned above, PowerPoint is not

an acceptable file format for this assignment.


The second component of this project is the flyer. The flyer complements the

presentation. Consider the flyer as a complementary document that captures the critical

points of your proposal in a visually appealing way. Therefore, you’ll want to include

information about the topic, presenter (you), recommendations, images, graphs, charts,

or tables, and anything else you think might appeal to an audience of interested

stakeholders. Please adhere to the following criteria when completing the flyer:

1. Must be an 8.5-inch x 11-inch document (you chose portrait or landscape


2. Includes pertinent information from your proposal (*hint: make sure there’s a title)

3. Demonstrate principles of design (C.R.A.P.)

4. Include fewer than 25 words

5. Include at least 1 image (note: do not use images for which you do not have


The final flyer should be submitted to Canvas as a PDF.

As stated in the course syllabus this assignment is worth 90 points toward the final


**One final note: Regarding images, it is your responsibility to secure permission to use


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