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Scientific Research and Research Article


Assignment 3: Scientific Research and Research Article

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Scientific Research and Research Article
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Purposes: Understand the scientific method of research, practice searching research paper, and understand abstract and lab report writing Background:

Advances in research are made using the scientific method. This method offers a systematic, unbiased

approach to evaluating the relationships between 2 variables. The first step of the scientific method is to make an observation and ask a question. The next step is to propose an explanation for the observation, termed a hypothesis. Once a hypothesis has been proposed, experiments can be designed to test it. The experiments must provide objective results that can be measured and repeated. If the experimental results do not prove the hypothesis to be wrong, a theory, or scientific explanation based on experimentation, can be established. Scientific theories are accepted only as long as they cannot be disproved and continue to be supported by all new evidence that accumulates.

For the scientific method to generate reliable theories, a well-conducted experiment must generate reliable results and be effectively interpreted and communicated to the scientific community, as well as to the lay public in the form of a laboratory report. A scientific research report normally publishes as peer- review journal paper. Different journal may have different format requirement. Normally, they include title, abstract, objectives, materials and methods, results, discussion and conclusion, acknowledge and references.

You need to follow the same format when you write your lab report for this class. The detail

description of the format as following:

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