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San Jose State University Project

1. The purpose of this assignment is to teach you about encryption and for you to be able to encrypt and protect your important documents before you store them in the cloud.

2. Please be careful with the encryption. If you loose or forget the password of your encrypted file, you will not be able to recover the documents.

3. Take Backup of your System. It is important to take backup anytime you are installing or removing a program. It is also important to take regular backups.

4. Download an encryption software. I recommend veracrypt ( (Links to an external site.)) but you are free to use any software other than built in filevault or bitlocker. Create an encrypted container of 10MB. Add a file to the container. Try to mount and dismount and see how you can access the files.

5. If you get a message, “OSXFuse seems to be missing on your machine. VeraCrypt requires OSXFuse 2.5 or above.” Go ahead and install that too. OSXfuse adds to Mac’s file handling capabilities.

6. Take 4-5 screenshots of the entire process and paste it on a word document and upload it here.

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