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How do you build a culture of emergency preparedness in healthcare? What are some strategies in sustaining an emergency preparedness program?

I think that there are a great deal of similarities in the way that you both build and sustain an emergency preparedness program.

Investment from Leadership: At the highest levels in the healthcare setting leadership must be committed to developing a culture of emergency preparedness. If leadership is not invested then resources will not be allocated to support this work and staff will receive the message that it is not important.

Involve Nurses: Nurses are the largest part of all healthcare workers in the country and are the most trusted profession in the country. Workers at all levels should be included in developing a culture of emergency preparedness but as nurses are often the frontline staff who liasons between hospital administration policies and patients, it is essential that nurses feel committed to project. Ways to get nurses invloved include involving them in trainings, having them create disaster preparedness bulletin boards for their floors, and providing patient education regarding distater planning.

Create a dedicated position or several positions for emergency planning.

Network with other healthcare professionals in the field so that there are ways to learn from other emergency managers experiences.

Run drills to practice disaster response several times a year.

Provide mandatory education regarding disaster response to all staff

Involve community members in the planning so that they feel ready to play a role if need be during a disaster.

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