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Research design: qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches

Discussion Posting – Readings: The purpose of this discussion postings is for students to read the assigned textbook chapters (Creswell Ch. #2, APA Ch. #2), synthesize the information, and then critically think and share the information with other students using their own words.

Initial Posting The assignment requires students to read the week’s assigned reading requirements (Creswell Ch. #2, APA Ch. #2), then post a summary of four (4) interesting facts that they learned from the reading of “each” assigned chapter using their own words. Direct quotes are not acceptable.

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Research design: qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches
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The initial postings must be substantively provided with a minimum of four paragraphs for each textbook chapter – one paragraph for each interesting fact from each assigned reading (four (4) for each chapter). Each paragraph must contain a minimum of three (3) robust sentences. CAUTION: It is not appropriate to make postings like “I found the information on XXXX to be interesting” as this is not a substantive posting. The postings must be provided informing the reader that you understand the interesting facts you are posting – as if you are teaching the reader about the interesting fact. Remember that these postings must be in your own words.

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