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Representative professional development program

Prepare: Assessing the Use of Charts and Graphs

Graphs and Charts

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Representative professional development program
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Graphs and charts are an important method of conveying information in a white paper. Spend time evaluating where they can be of most use to you and identifying the best format for the information you want to present.

The image above clearly refers to three sources of learning opportunities—if you know the context. Each visual you use should include a descriptive title, for those who might not understand that context. In addition, the arrows indicate a process, so which comes first? On the other hand, should there be no arrows? Be certain to use the correct graphic. If you were to learn that this is supposed to represent the percentages of each element that comprises a representative professional development program, do you see the problems with it? Each section is sized identically and no percentages are given. Does that mean that each is used equally?

What about a process? In this case, the arrows are appropriate and necessary because they indicate direction. A descriptive title is still required, for those who might not know or understand the context.

As you design visual elements, it is best practice to ask your designated reader, as identified in Week 7, or someone who does not know what you are working on to try to explain each element to you. If they cannot, you need to supply additional information. For this week, your assignment is to develop initial content for your directive action plan and present a draft title for the white paper.

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