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reframing governance

As you have seen -our current model of governance is not perfect. But to most of us who have toiled in the nonprofit sector for a long period of time, it is the best option we have had so far. That does not mean that folks, as you have read, haven’t tried to develop alternatives. Many folks had high hopes for the Carver model, but it never took off, and when it was implemented, it was most often done in a hybrid manner, which was never John Carver’s intention.

None of this means that we should not continue to try and devise new models, ones that could make it easier to get the benefits of what a board should bring to the table without all of the “sturm und drang” seemingly inherent in our current, dominant model. While I am not asking that you devise a new model, I am asking you to idetntify a piece/some pieces that you would like to reframe and what that reframing would look like. And, if you don’t see a need for reframing some or all, but rather a need for better education of all, how would you achieve that “better education?”

I need 3 detailed paragraphs only.