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Read The Silver 2012 Chapter Discussion

1) Read the Silver 2012 chapter (Ws and Ls). How do you think the “stat” or moneyball approach helped in evaluating players? In comparison, what value do scouts bring to player evaluation? (Number 3)

2) Read the articles that talk about the use of algorithms to determine prison sentences, and to help people find jobs (AfterCollege). Pick ONE of these to write about. Answer the following: a) Why might this algorithm be more (or less) effective/accurate in making proper predictions? b) What ethical issues emerge from the usage of algorithms for these purposes? NOTE: YOU MUST COMPARE and USE the Silver Chapter (Ws & Ls) as well as last week’s readings (O’Neil chapter – What is a Model) in your analyses to justify your arguments for this question. We will talk about BOTH in class.

Use these articles to answer number 2 and write from 300-400 words

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