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Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

Classmate #2 Response

Chapter 3: The Counseling Process

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Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
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• List the 4 ways the textbook classifies the theories and interventions presented in the book based on the point of intervention and list the theories associated with each classification.

1. Affective (feeling)

Person-centered counseling

Gestalt therapy

2. Behavior (behaving)

Behavioral counseling

Reality therapy

Brief Counseling

Individual psychology

3. Cognitive (thinking)

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral therapy

Psychoanalytic counseling

Transactional analysis

• Based on your previous study of these counseling theories, which theory (or theories) do you think you would prefer to use with children and adolescents? I think that Gestalt therapy would be an effective therapy when working with children. Why? I think that the “Empty Chair technique might be even more effective with children than it is with adults. Often body sensations become the focus of treatment. Certainly person-centered will allow the focus to be on the child and his/her world and not expectations of parents, teachers, or others.

• Counseling process: Outline the six step counseling process found in the textbook. Under each step list 2 or more of the universal skills (pp 84-85) that are appropriate for each step.

Step 1: Define the problem through active listening Get a grasp of how the child understands the problem through active listening techniques like minimal encouragement; reframing, prompts, and open ended questions. This will also allow the child to express his/her feelings about the problem, and what expectations (if any) the child has of the counselor to fix the problem.

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