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Quantitative And Qualitative Research Techniques In Business Marketing

please papa style and at lest. 2 rescources

What Is the Best Type of Marketing Research?

1. Many marketing researchers have their favorite research approaches or techniques, although different researchers often have different preferences. Some researchers maintain that the only way to really learn about consumers or brands is through indepth, qualitative research. Others contend that the only legitimate and defensible form of marketing research involves quantitative measures.

2. Take a position: Marketing research should be quantitative versus marketing research should be qualitative. Submit in essay form (3-5 double-spaced pages).

Assignment requires 2 – 3 pages responding to the above questions including an introduction and conclusion.

Also add a title and references page in APA format.

For potential full credit, make use of marketing concepts from the readings and other sources, Papers must have at least two (2) references of credible marketing theory, one from the text book.

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