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Quality Control

I need a paper using this Case Study with the requirements below.

  • Case Study B – Data Integration Software Tool: You must build a software tool for a telephone company that enables data to be used by a variety of software applications. The project team consists of an unknown number of personnel for the design, development, building, deployment, and operation and maintenance of the system. The team members may be located around the world, in different time zones.

I need the following:

Quality Control

  • 6.1 Quality Control Tools and Charts

    Using your choice of software (such as Microsoft Excel, Project, or Visio), develop at least two quality control tools and charts appropriate for your project.

    • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each tool and chart. Provide support for your analysis.
    • Explain how the tools and charts will be used on your project.
      • Consider their general acceptance and use within the industry.
      • Explain how they could be used by the organization after the project is complete.
    • Add project data and information to the tools and charts, and explain what the data and information are indicating.

    Note: Microsoft Project and Visio are provided through a Toolwire virtual desktop for your use. Access the software via the Toolwire resources.

    6.2 Quality Management Plan Review

    Consider a situation in which you are asked to review a quality management plan developed by a contractor or coworker.

    • What elements and information would you look for to ensure that it satisfies the requirements of a good plan?
    • How would you ensure these elements and information are included?

    Provide two or more examples of deficiencies in a plan. Provide suggestions for improving those areas. Explain why you think your suggestions would improve the plan.

    Quality Management Plan Final Submission

    Finalize all of the quality management plan components you completed in Assessments 1–4. Be sure to incorporate faculty feedback received on previous submissions.Complete the remaining sections of the Quality Management Plan Template:

    • Section 2 (Executive Summary). Explain the purpose of the plan and summarize its content.
    • Section 7 (Project Conclusion). Summarize the plans and planning processes for project stakeholders.
    • Section 8 (Appendices). Appendices are optional. Add them to your plan as needed.
    • Section 9 (References). List all references used in the development of your plan.
    • Section 10 (Personal Insights). Explain what you learned during the development of your plan. Describe how you can incorporate lessons learned into your current work.