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Qualitative methodology over quantitative

An Chapter 2 outline,

and body content as mush as possible by Wednesday.

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Qualitative methodology over quantitative
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Please see attached template and prospectus PPT for reference.

1. By June 2( Week 4), to submit the Chapter 1 of my proposal and an outline of Chapter 2.

2. Making sure to have themes of my study to synthesize information on the template, and identify the patterns; show connections among the 4 themes as the 4 themes are foundation of my literature review part of dissertation and evaluate what I get from literature sources;

3. It is critical to evaluate the research sources in my research fields, identify the gap and explain how my study is extinguished from the rest of the studies in the field, and how my study would stand out (referring to slide 3 of my prospectus), and how my study will fill that gap;

4. For chapter 1, include problem statement, problem space( gap), briefly identify the problem statement articulating throughout the dissertation; make sure using identical language throughout the whole dissertation: problem statement, purpose statement etc.

6. By the end of week 8, chapter 1 needs to be completed, and finish as much of Chapter 2 as I can. I should also start working on the chapter 3 by populating information from prospectus PPT: such as purpose statement, methodology, explain why choosing qualitative methodology over quantitative, why choose descriptive design for my study etc.

7. I also need to get familiar with IRB preparation by June 16, and to get to know expectation by participating IRB open sessions and gain insightful understanding.

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