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Public Health Issue

COM 225 Module Six Practice Exercise Worksheet

Use this worksheet to complete your messaging strategy practice exercise.

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Public Health Issue
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Be sure to fill in each cell. For each element of your messaging strategy, include a brief rationale (between three to five sentences) for how that element will make your message more effective.

Public Health Issue

Explain the issue that your message will be focused on.


Target Audiences

Identify all possible target audiences for a messaging campaign on your chosen health issue. As applicable, include general demographic information such as age range, gender, fitness level, medical concerns, dietary needs, professions, and so on.


Primary Message

Choose one of your target audiences and explain the primary message you want to convey to that audience.


Type of Messaging Strategy

Identify the messaging strategy or strategies you plan to use for conveying your message.



List the communication channels you intend to use to distribute your message (for example, different social media types, television, radio, or advertisement).


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