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Psychology Healthcare Social Isolation Among The Aging Adults

1) You are a healthcare or other type of professional working with aging adults. After reading about the growing concern of social isolation among that population, respond to the following prompts:

  • Describe three to four predisposing factors and conditions that contribute to isolation.
  • With these factors in mind, formulate an “out-of-the-box” strategy to reduce social isolation among aging adults, as well as explain how the strategy would work. 500 words.

2) Imagine you are a senator preparing for this year’s policy agenda. You must rank, from the highest priority to the lowest priority, the following social aging issues or concerns to determine which issue should be your major focus. Include an explanation for your ranking choices that can be understood by ordinary constituents as well as make sense to professionals in the field.

  • Fall prevention program
  • HIV/AIDS interventions
  • Social isolation
  • Mental health services gap

500 words.

3)Imagine you are 98-years-old and living alone but are quite independent. One day you suffer from a fall and sustain terrible injuries. The surgeon tells you that you have only a 20% chance of a surviving repair surgery but she is willing to perform the surgery. After reading Bosk and Neuman (2016), write about the following in your journal paper:

  • Consider the debate about quality of life versus quantity of life. What would you recommend regarding balancing quality and quantity to a 98-year-old? Cite how the readings support your choices.
  • In the second section of your journal entry, change your perspective from that of the patient to that of the patient’s adult child. Consider the same information you’ve read, but now make your deliberations on the case study as if it instead involved your parent who needed the surgery. Again, use the readings to support your choices about how you would strike the balance of quality and quantity from the viewpoint of being an adult child. How is your viewpoint impacted by focusing on your own parent?
  • In the final section of your journal paper, consider this issue from the perspective of a public policy-maker. Do you believe that public policy should determine whether our healthcare system focuses on quality or quantity of life? An example of this would be if Medicare should cover the cost of a hip replacement for a 98-year-old. 700 words in text citations.

see attached for learning materials i am putting the references to use below with the apa format for references.